ICC DURRA KIT House 1/2/3 Bedrooms

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Durra kit houses by ICC are a type of prefabricated building made of lightweight steel and eco-friendly durra panels. These panels are fire-resistant and noise-reducing, making them ideal for various purposes such as industrial, commercial, or domestic use. Durra kit houses can be installed quickly and easily and can be relocated or expanded as per the requirement. These houses are also affordable, comfortable, and durable, making them suitable for temporary or semi-permanent accommodation. The exterior walls are laminated with a 3mm cement board to handle external weather conditions, while the interior has a non-coloured DURRA board finish. The roof is supported with a zinc alum lightweight 1mm thick truss frame fitted with a 50mm DURRA insulated ceiling panel. Standard model features include aluminium windows and plywood doors for low maintenance. A range of finishes could be provided for a complete interior finish.


  • Eco-friendly: The houses are made from DURRA panels, which are manufactured from rice paddy straw.

  • Quick Installation: A 20ft x 24ft kit house can be installed by four skilled people in about four days.

  • Relocatable: A key feature of the system allows a building to be dismantled and relocated.

  • Insulation and Noise Control: The use of the DURRA Panel provides noise control, thermal insulation, and impact resistance.

  • Healthy Environment: The DURRA Panel emits virtually no volatile organic compound (VOC), thereby improving indoor air quality.


DURRA Kit House vs Converted Containers:

The DURRA Kit Houses are great alternatives to converted container offices and container houses in Sri Lanka.

  • Converted container houses and container offices are susceptible to aborb high volumes of heat due to the high specific heat capacity of metal, thereby requiring costly cooling mechanisms. The thermal insulation of DURRA provides a natural insulation against heat and therefore, significantly lowers the operational cost.
  • As the DURRA Kit House is assembled on site there is no need for a large capacity crane on-site as in the case of converted container houses and converted container offices. As a result, it is much more suitable for remote locations with limited accesibility. 
  • As the DURRA Kit House can be dismantled by a small team without the need for heavy machinery, the Kit House can be easily knocked down, stored, and re-assembled with little man-power, making it a sustainable re-usable structure with minimal overhead costs. 



Key Details
  01 BDRM  02 BDRM  03 BDRM  03 BDRM  +
FLOOR AREA 316.44 sq.ft 410.30 sq.ft 410.30 sq.ft 499.40sq.ft
Durra board 58mm
cement board 3mm
Bed Rooms 1 2 3 3
Living Rooms 1
Bathrooms 1
Doors Plywood
Windows Aluminium
Rood 1mm zinc alum sheets
Ceiling 50mm Durra Ceiling Panels
PRICE (Rs.) 2.2 Million 2.8 Million 3.2 Million 3.5 Million







Lead Time Days 4
Unit Of Measure Nos.
Country of Manufacture Sri Lanka
Country of Origin Sri Lanka
Brand ICC
Primary Material Paddy Straw
Colour N/A
Warranty Period 5 Years
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