Stockpile Goes Live
On April 7th 2022 Stockpile made its services available to the public via its website STOCKPILE.LK

If interested in listing their products and services, suppliers of solutions, materials, tools and equipment for the construction industry can now register directly on the website, which is targeted specifically towards general contractors, architects and consultants engaged in the Sri Lankan construction industry. Once registered, suppliers will receive all Request for Quotations (RFQ)s relevant to their products and services that have been submitted by registered contractors.

Potential buyers can browse and view product details, specifications, past projects and terms of sale of each supplier.

Stockpile is a product of Construction Trade Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. and aims to eliminate the inefficiencies of material procurement in the Sri Lankan construction industry. By using the software procurement teams can request quotations, negotiate and submit purchase orders directly to the suppliers, thereby streamlining the entire procurement process.

Click on How It Works to learn more about how Stockpile can work for both buyers and suppliers.