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Melaka Silva
ICC Timber, N0 57, S De S Jayasinghe Mawatha, Kohuwala , Nugegoda
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Sri Lanka
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ICC Timber

ICC Prefinished Timber Flooring is a revolutionary flooring method comes with an easy DIY (Do it yourself) installation system powered by the 'ELASTILON' method. Elastilon is a patented floor laying technology from Netherlands, allowing faster easier and hassle free installation which requires a minimal Preliminary ground preparation, saving material, labor & time leading to direct cost savings. The installation can be between five to ten times faster than traditional wooden flooring installation method.

ICC Timber is a leading manufacturer of prefinished natural timber planks with locally and internationally sourced timber at the processing unit in Bandarama Sri Lanka. The Factory is equipped with pressure vessels to carry out in-house pressure impregnation treatment and Dehumidifying Kiln Systems to condition the Timber. ICC Timber offering a wide range of solutions including Teak, Kumbuk and Paramara to cater your flooring needs in all forms.


  • 5X Faster
  • 100% Natural Timber
  • Hassle Free Installation
  •  Premium finish Quality
  •  Can lay on any surface
  •  DIY System

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Terms of Sale

This quotation is for material supply only.



Unless negotiated otherwise, payment of 100% of quotation value(Rs.) to be done as a a confirmation of order. Payment plan –

100% to be paid as a confirmation of the order.Rs..No material will be released prior to fulfilling of accepted/negotiated payment terms.


Note : Please Include "quotation number" as a reference and share the payment advice at the earliest to proceed with

 the order.





Bank : Hatton National Bank




 Branch: Piliyandala




Account No : 038010002611




Cheques (should be drafted in the name of) : International Construction Consortium (pvt) Ltd



If and when payments are done, please notify the coordinating sales officer or the sales team promptly with payment

verification details (document/proof of payments) to avoid any delay




Client is responsible to contact the sales team prior to making any payment to place the order, and discuss any changers of

 term and conditions.


Please note that the wastage factors will be considered (if applicable) in the final payment from the above quotation. Wastage

shall be changed up to 5% depending on actual wastage and site measurement.




Validity Period :Up to 28th June 2022 from the date of the quotation issued or will be superseded with rate changed quotation

sent later or up to week from the date planned for commencement of work. Rates changes (from quoted) may be applicable due to

any delays form client end.


Duration of work :  Supply will be done after the  confirmation of the order and work will be commenced and completed as upon

agreed with the client.


ICC Timber shall take at least  upto 12 weeks (subject to availability of material) to supply the material to site form the date of order conformation.,conditions to other requements and approvals fullfilled without any delays.


Duration of the installation process would vary according to scope of work,site conditions or any other applicable factors.



Colour of the flooring and other details will be pre approved by the client upon order placement or prior to shipments of material

(planned dates) or prior to commencement of realted fabrication and installation work. Client is responsible to approve the colours within

agreed time frame and ICC Timber will not be responsible to for any delays that may occur due to delay in approvals from client end.


Additional cost may be added on transport and logistics depending on the lacation  and scope



Trasporation is costed for planned number of trips and any additional transporation of material , goods and services that would required

 due alterations or site conditions should be borne by client.


Please note that the conditions of this quote may change due to circumstantial reasons and ICC Timber shall have the sole responsibility of such decision until the order is place.


Installation will be done by nominated sub contractor. Selected by the client.(Client will be negotiate subcontractor)



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Melaka Silva

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Address - 57. S. De. S. Jayasinghe Mw
City - Kohuwala
State - Colombo
Postal Code - 10255
Country - Sri Lanka

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Email Address - melaka.silva@icc-construct.com
Phone - 0770179538