Stone, Cement, Clay , brick, concrete Protective Deep Penetrate Waterproof Agent (4L)

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Material- Silicate, 4L, Single coating, Liter max coverage : 350 Sqft, Durability -6 Years or more, Model Number : WH6986 Product name: Stone protective agent, Type: Universal type ,Appearance :Colorless PH Value:6-7 Odor Slight odor Application Sandstone, marble, granite, limestone, cave stone and artificial stone. Color: Transparent Clear

GRASi® WH6986 is a high effective waterproof agent developed to provide water repellency for stone materials such as marble, granite,sandstone, limestone etc. The active ingredients which is nano-size penetrate deeply into the substrates and bond with them,form penetration protective layer on the surface.With super low surface tension, it boosts excellent water repellency and fast beading action.

· Stronger chemically bond, long lasting protection, good durability, good stability
· Good penetration into porous substrates
· Resist water vapor,moisture and liquid water into substrate
· One-way breathable,repair tiny crack (0.2mm-0.4mm)
· Fast curing, quickly for using and quick dry
· For natural and artificial stone, ·Protect it from loosing, splitting, flaking and stains, easy to wash off
· Chemical resistance, such as acid, chloride ion; UV resistance
· Hydrophobic effect - Excellent
· Weather resistant - Good
· Abrasion resistance - Good
· Resist high/low temperature
· Does not change surface appearance
· Environmentally friendly

Surface dry time 30 minutes
Curing time 24 hours
Weather durability - 5 years.


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