S-Lon Roofing Sheet 10'1" Brick Red

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S-lon Roofing is a safe and energy-efficient alternative to traditional roofing methods. It offers a comfortable environment for homes and offices with easy installation and durability. Our roofing sheets are manufactured using advanced polymers, making them eco-friendly and recyclable. They eliminate the need for additional insulation and do not pose any health risks. By combining traditional roofing designs with vibrant colors, S-lon Roofing sheets bring a fresh and eye-catching look to your construction projects.

Our S-lon Roofing Sheets provide excellent color stability and resistance to various weather conditions, chemicals, corrosion, and high temperatures up to 700°C. These lightweight sheets facilitate quick installation. The surface material, ASA, is a specialized polymer composed of Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate, which acts as a protective layer against UV rays, discoloration, atmospheric pollutants, and chemical damage. The lower layer of the sheets offers benefits such as reduced heat expansion, enhanced mechanical strength, noise reduction, and improved elasticity to withstand bending and breakage.

ASA roofing sheet is another commonly used term for this product in Sri Lanka. Discover the superior quality and performance of S-lon Roofing Sheets for your roofing needs. Get the best roofing sheet prices in Sri Lanka and enjoy a safer, eco-friendly, and visually appealing roofing solution.


 Technical Details


Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA), PVC

 Colour Deformation Resistance

Upto 3000 hour UV exposure (ASTM G 155-1)

 Heat Conductance

0.17 W/mK

 Heat Resistance

Upto 70°C

 Fire Resistance

B1 flame resistance class of DIN 4102-1


10 Years

 Physical Dimensions


10'1" / 3070mm


3'5" / 1040mm

 Effective Width

3'1.5" / 960mm


3.0mm ± 0.2mm





  1. S-lon roofing sheets do not contain radioactive or carcinogenic components. They are fully recyclable at the end of their life span in compliance with the green environmental protection requirement.
  2. Resistant to both colour and shape deformations, observed in laboratory test up to 2000 hour UV exposure and 70°C.
  3. Low thermal conductivity provides excellent insulation against heat loss or gain. With a very low thermal conductivity of less than 0.09(m.K) at 70° C this roofing sheet can thermally insulate an area without the need for extra insulation materials.
  4. S-lon roofing sheet has superior sound insulation properties protecting against external noise. Sounds of heavy rain and high winds are muffled well.
  5. Lightweight materials make installation quick and easy. S-lon roofing sheets have an effective width of 960mm and customer specified lengths (which can be contracted) to give high pavement efficiency. Together with light weight, it is easy to load and unload with complete installation fittings supplied together.
  6. No additional heat or sound insulation is required, lowering installation cost.
  7. Withstands harsh weather and climatic conditions.
  8. Fire retardant properties. S-lon roofing sheets are in the B1 flammability class. When the sheets come into contact with open flame, they do not ignite and spread the flame. S-lon roofing sheets increase the building safety compared to materials containing bitumen and polyurethane insulation.
  9. High tensile strength and impact strength provides strong resistance to falling objects. S-lon roofing sheets have strength and resilience and can resist the drop of a 1kg steel object with a sharp point from a 3 meter height.
  10. Excellent self-cleaning properties prevent accumulation of dirt and dust. S-lon roofing sheets have a compact and smooth surface, therefore the surface has the 'lotus effect', which prevents the accumulation of dust and will be clean as new after being rinsed by rain water.
  11. Can be fitted on both wood and steel roofing structures.
  12. The outer and inner surfaces of S-lon roofing sheets have excellent corrosion resistance performance against any corrosive elements and it is resistant to acid, salt, alkaline and various other chemicals for long time.
  13. Guaranteed waterproofing quality of S-lon roofing sheets provides high weather resistance.
  14. S-lon roofing sheets are manufactured in Sri Lanka conforming to international standards.








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Lead Time Days 1
Unit Of Measure Nos.
Weight (kg) 19.020000
Width 3'5" / 1040mm
Length 10'1" / 3070mm
Thickness 3.0mm
Country of Manufacture Sri Lanka
Country of Origin Sri Lanka
Brand S-lon
Primary Material Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA)
Colour Brick Red
Warranty Period 10 Years
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