Sanhobond Epoxy Resin Glue Two Components 2kg Wood Adhesive HS-902AB

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Type : Two Component
Material : Epoxy resin
Pack size : 2kg
Mixing ratio : 1:1
Sold by Onyx Engineering And Contracting (Pvt) Ltd


The 2kg Sanhobond HS-902AB two component epoxy wood adhesive resin sold in Sri Lanka by Onyx Engineering And Contracting (Pvt) Ltd is a two-component adhesive with a convenient 1:1 mixing ratio. The adhesive is modified bisphenol A epoxy resin and polyamide resin composite of high strength adhesives. Ideal for woodworking projects such as laminated solid wood, finger joint, joggle joint, and assembly of 45º angle. This adhesive ensures a strong and durable bond. Also, It has a very good bonding effect on metal, ceramics,  plastic, glass fibre and so on.


 Key Details
Type Two-component assembly glue
Model number HS-902AB
Primary Material Epoxy resin
Colour A glue: Transparent viscous liquid glue
B glue: Yellow-brown viscous liquid hardener
Weight 2kg
Copyright Construction Trade Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
Shelf life 12 Months
Mixing ratio 1:1
Surface drying time 4 hours at 25℃ or 2hours at 40℃
fully curing time 72 hours
activity time 60 minutes
Applications Woodworking, laminated solid wood, finger joint, joggle joint, assembly of 45º angle
Density A:1.17kg/m³
Viscosity A:10000-15000(25℃ cps)  
B:Viscosity: 15000-20000(25℃ cps)

Lead Time Days 0
Unit Of Measure Nos.
Weight (kg) 2.000000
Country of Manufacture China
Country of Origin China
Brand Sanhobond
Primary Material Epoxy Resin
Colour Transparent
Warranty Period N/A
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