Oil - Soluble polyurethane injection grout for concrete cracks (10Kg)

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This product is a single liquid (oil) polyurethane injection grout, with water, the rapid expansion of the solidified plug the cracks reach the sealing; can also be used in conjunction with the low amount of catalyst, according to the actual construction needs to adjust the quick response, its the perfect waterproof stanch effect. Hydrophobic polyurethane grout materials For Grouting Machine Hydrophobic polyurethane grout materials For Grouting Machine Introduction 1. Excellent viscosity in contact with water from a chemical reaction immediately and foam expansion. 2. Ultra structural reinforcement, high expansion ratio, toughness good, not contraction. 3. And substrate adhesion and chemical resistance (resistance to drinking water, sea water, wastewater dilution of the acid-base chemical supplies) 4. Contact with the drinking water of the region can also be used. 5. Used with single liquid high pressure grouting machine and other equipment. oil soluble polyurethane grouting materials is one component oil-soluble polyurethane hydrophobic foam, it reacts with water and expands to be a foam does not dissolve in the water a chemical grouting material. The material meets the water after a chemical reaction, the volume expansion and generate a insoluble in water foaming body, can not only waterproof plugging, more certain reinforcement reinforcement effect, are widely used in the subway tunnel, water conservancy and hydropower, underground garage, and sewers waterproof plugging reinforcement engineering, Key features -Excellent hydrophobic properties, high chemistry stabilities -Larger penetration radius and solidification volume ratio, react with water quickly with large expansion pressure, pushing the liquid to the depths of crack and expand to form a tenacity consolidation -Acid, alkali and organic solvent resistant, better resistance of chemical corrosion -Coating smooth, wear-resisting, no mildew -Excellent adhesiveness with concrete base and other construction materials -Viscosity and cure speed can be changed according to the requirement of projects, Application of polyurethane foam material -Pools, towers, basements, air-raid shelters and other buildings seam filling and water-proof coating -Anti-corrosion of metal and concrete pipes and steel structures -Underground tunnels foundation reinforcement and floor dustproof of buildings -Buildings plugging and reinforcement of deformation joint, construction point, structural crack -Plugging and reinforcement of ports, docks, bridge piers, dams ,hydropower station curtain -Geological drilling lost circulation and protecting, selective water plugging in oil drilling, water gushing water in mines. Appearance: Uniform liquid without impurity, Density- 1.18g/cm³ , Viscosity - 205 Mpa, Curing Time- 533 s, Non Volatile Content- 87.5%, Foaming capacity-2900%, Compressive strength - 30 Mpa ,

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