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Murtaza Asgerally
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Registered In - 1902
Company Team Size -
Certification - ISO 9001:2015
Operation Address
Murtaza Asgerally
No.53 Dutugamunu Street
Kohuwala, Colombo, 10350
Sri Lanka
T: 0112826500
Corporate Address
Murtaza Asgerally
Colombo 02, Colombo,
Sri Lanka
T: 0112433298



Since 1902, M.M.Noorbhoy (MMN) has been a trusted supplier of architectural and furniture fitting hardware. With a range of over 15,000 products in store, we have served builders, contractors, architects, furniture manufacturers and home owners a wide range and unparalleled quality of products and services.

From kitchen accessories, to multi-media brackets from window and door fittings whatever a client needs, in any style or budget, we have the right product with expert advice to back it up



At M.M. Noorbhoy & Co., we understand every customer’s personalized requirement. Therefore, we have in store, products from a variety of international manufactures of exceptional quality - including Formica, Albion, Pag, Hettich, Kich, M Coco, OPK, Samet, Euroart & Kilargo, Upella, Oro&oro, VRH, to help you create perfection in your corner of the world.

All of the products we stock are available in contemporary or antique styles and can be found in a variety of designs, finishes and price ranges.



The customer service we offer is exceptional as our staff have over 50 year of combined experience with expertise extending to all areas of the industry. We are able to help you ask the right questions and get the perfect answer every time. Therefore, as our client, you are always a winner benefiting from our unparalleled knowledge of products and applications

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Terms of Sale

  • Quotation is valid only for 7 days.
  • All prices are in LKR on local purchases basis.
  • Rates are based on the current exchange rate and tax rates, and any fluctuations will be adjusted in price when necessary.
  • Delivery: ex-stock subject to goods available in stock and 3 to 4 months for non-available products.
  • All "noorbhoy" products we sell come with a warranty & if any of the products has any manufacturing defects, we will replace it for "free of charge".
  • There is no guarantee on the plating of any products.
  • The warranty period will vary from product to product chosen.
  • Cylinders quoted are keyed to differ.
  • MK (master key) schedule required at confirmation of order (if needed).
  • The proposal is for reference only and hardware sets can be amended as per your requirements.
  • Any items required for mockup rooms or the samples after the order has been placed, will be deducted from the total quantity supplied.
  • The proposal is for reference only. Final quantities will be provided by you on approval.
  • Payment mode: cash / cheque.
  • The confirmation of the order should be given in terms of a purchase order with an advance.
  • An advance payment of 100% should be paid at the time of confirmation of the order.
  • Any claims made after 3 working days for any shortages will not be entertained.
  • Kindly store the goods in a dry storage.
  • Please carry out with ironmongery installation after the environment is free from any dust particles or chemicals. In case if installed before the site is clean, kindly make sure to cover the surface to avoid any unnecessary reactions. Please request a care and maintenance guideline if required.
  • The installation of the products must be done with trained technicians and damages to the hardware due to p00r installation or wrong application will not be covered under this warranty.
  • Any damage to the product due to weathering of the doors or door frames or snagging of the hinges, etc... Will not be covered under the warranty.
  • Damages to the product due to inappropriate usage, manhandling, negligence, improper repairing, and tempering will not be covered under any warranty claims.
  • Usage of the product with unapproved accessories, modifications and alterations to components will not be covered under the warranty.
  • Seepage and entry of chemicals, oil, lubricants, etc… Will not be covered under the warranty claims.
  • All steel and stainless-steel grades (201, 202, 304 and 316) will be subjected to rusting if not maintained properly (since a percentage of steel is used as a raw material to produce same). Therefore, there will be no warranty against rusting of the products.
  • Any damage to the "shades and surface finish" due to usage of aggressive cleaners will not be covered under the warranty.
  • We trust our above offer is in line with your requirement and look forward to receiving your valued order at the earliest.
  • For any further information / clarification, please feel free to contact us.
  • Assure you our best service and attention all the time.

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Supplier Info

Murtaza Asgerally

Supplier Address

Address - 121 MALAY STREET
City - COLOMBO 02
State - Colombo
Postal Code - 00200
Country - Sri Lanka