Colorchem Epoxy Art Resin

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: Two-part adhesive
brand : Colorchem
MATERIAL : Epoxy resin
Package Size : 1kg
Sold by Colormax International (Pvt) Ltd


Colorchem Epoxy Art Resin manufactured and sold directly in Sri Lanka by ColorMAX International (Pvt) Ltd is a versatile and user-friendly solution designed for various creative applications including low viscosity and excellent flowing properties, allowing for easy and precise Copyright Construction Trade Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.application. With natural defoaming capabilities, this resin ensures a smooth and bubble-free finish. Its anti-yellowing properties and high transparency contribute to maintaining the clarity and brilliance of your artistic creations. Whether you're engaged in arts and crafts, crafting handmade jewellery, or need a reliable resin for mould filling, Colorchem Epoxy Art Resin delivers exceptional results.


  • Weigh A and B glue according to the given weight ratio into the prepared cleaned container, fully mix the mixture against the container wall clockwise, place it along for 3 to 5 minutes, and then it can be used.
  • Take the glue according to the usable time and dosage of the mixture to avoid wasting it. When the temperature is below 15 ℃, please heat A glue to 30 ℃ first and then mix it with the B glue (A glue will be thickened in low temperatures); The glue must be sealed lid after use to avoid rejection caused by moisture absorption.
  • When the relative humidity is higher than 85%, the surface of the cured mixture will absorb moisture in the air, and form a layer of white mist on the surface, so when the relative humidity is higher than 85%, is not suitable for room temperature curing, suggest to use the heat curing.


 Key Details
brand Colorchem
Type Two-part adhesive
Primary Material Epoxy resin
Weight 1kg
Copyright Construction Trade Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
Mixing ratio 1:1
Applications Can be widely used for arts and crafts, handmade jewellery, and mould filling, etc
Colour Transparent
Viscosity Viscosity (25℃) 1600CPS 1200MAX CPS
Handling Time 25℃ 35min (50g)
Hardening conditions 25 ℃ - 24Hrs or 60℃ 3Hrs (2g)
Complete Curing  7 days hours
Specific gravity
1.15 0.96
Shear strength (MPa) N/A
Temperature (℃) N/A
Shelf life N/A







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Lead Time Days 0
Unit Of Measure Nos.
Weight (kg) 1.000000
Country of Manufacture Sri Lanka
Country of Origin Sri Lanka
Brand Generic
Primary Material Epoxy Resin
Colour Transparent
Warranty Period N/A
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