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Mark Pereira
32 Sunethradevi Rd
Kohuwala, Nugegoda, Colombo, 10250
Sri Lanka
T: 0114 988 888
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Mark Pereira
32 Sunethradevi Rd
Kohuwala, Nugegoda, Colombo, 10250
Sri Lanka
T: 0114 988 888


C.C Constructions PVT LTD is one of the leading construction materials manufacturers (under the trade name of Crystolac) and service providers in Sri Lanka, which is headquartered in Kohuwala Sri Lanka. C.C Constructions PVT LTD has been recognized as one of the largest and top-quality construction service providers and construction product manufacturers in Sri Lanka. We have a wide range of products and services offered to the construction industry. we are doing macra painting, outsides walls rooftop and bathroom waterproofing products and Crystolac Super Titanium Special Effect Decorative Wall & Floor Paste is our another revolutionary product in the leading Market. It is an easy-to-apply, special-effect wall and floor paste. It gives you maximum freedom for your wall or floor decorating. in these 8 years, we’ve become one of the leading construction materials manufacturers and service providers in Sri Lanka. Starting as a small-scale entity, we’ve introduced a vast range of new products to the construction industry in Sri Lanka, within this 8 year long period. Also, our products have been used in many counties. We are working to become a leader in the production of Super Titanium Special Effects Plaster and Waterproofing Products.

Crystolac is an affiliated product of the mother company of crystolac which is popular both locally and internationally. Super Titanium (Pvt) Ltd product home and decorative finishing products are some of the affiliated companies and products of crystolac. The specialty of us Super Titanium is maintaining the international level standard of the packing and also being a very healthy and ECO-friendly product. We currently have won no included heavy metal certificate. Gold and Silver color paints are manufactured especially for special effects. we are doing large-scale products and we can supply at very good prices which will be benefited the Sri Lankan construction and craft and fabric coloring industries. Super Titanium is the only high-quality high-strength modified cement and polymer base product. There are 12 main colors and 30 other colors. If you want special effects, we have a wide range of super titanium paste for get specials effects.

The benefits of super titanium are Durability and no cracks. This is widely used in the construction industry and has great potential. This product is used in England, Nepal, and Maldives also.

Distribution of the product around the country is much easier since Super Titanium is a sub-company of the popular brands. Crystloac Water Proof brand. Crystolac Super Coat and Crystochem and many of our branches are situated island-wide. Super Titanium can be bought for a very reasonable price at any of our branches.


Our Branches



Address: No 32, Sunethradevi Rd, Nugegoda



Address : No 104/A ,Gala Junction, Kiribathgoda



Address : No.108/1/B, Colombo Road, Kaluwella, Galle.



Address: No.26/3 A, Horana Road, Honnanthara, South, Kesbewa.



Address : No.314, katugasthota Road, Kandy



Address : No 528/A , Welewaththa ,Mathara



Address : Church Junction, Halawatha - Colombo Road, Nainamadama, Wennappuwa



Address : No.15, Panagoda, Hoamagama (Close to Godagama junction)



Address : No.95,Thorayaya, Dambulla Rd, Kurunegala

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Supplier Info

Mark Pereira

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Address - 32 Sunethradevi Rd
City - Kohuwala, Nugegoda
State - Colombo
Postal Code - 10250
Country - Sri Lanka

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Email Address - crystolac@gmail.com
Phone - 0763447724